Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Introductions? :)

*Hello all :) This is officially the first post on my very first blog so forgive me if this stinks. 

Hey guys! I'm just going to pretend like no one is reading this because I think I'll be more open that way. So for starters, I am an obsessive journal writer. I believe I started my first journal at the age of....5 years old? The idea of documenting every memory and emotion have always been in my interest and something I pursued. I still write in a journal but I figured I'd give, what is essentially an online journal, a shot. 

I guess I'll give some background information about me. I am obsessed with the Myers Briggs Test. I find the idea of placing everyone in 16 neat little categories comforting. I like knowing that I can understand people in a way I never could if I didn't know the 4 little letters that define them in my mind. In this blog, I'll be changing some minor details and names in order to secure my privacy...just in case people actually decide to read this blog. Here are so fun facts about me! 

  • I play the flute, ukulele, guitar, and I sing. Check out my youtube channel ;) Just kidding...don't. 
  • My favorite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
    • I haven't decided whether or not I want to read "To Set a Watchman" or not...
  • I spend my days doing absolutely nothing even when I promised myself adventure
  • My best friend is my sister 
  • I don't play any sports
  • My favorite tv shows include Pretty Little Liars, Masterchef, Gilmore Girls, Sherlock, and I love Lucy.
  •  I recently started watching Breaking Bad (as in I started watching the show like....3 hours ago)
  • Some honorable mentions include: Switched at Birth, Bunheads, Make It or Break It, and H20. 
  • I easily get emotionally attached to everything 
  • I have really intense mood swings 
  • I'm pretty screwed up....if that hooks you in. I don't know about you but I'm actually drawn towards people with problems...I feel like I can connect with them and I feel less empty. Their words become my voice and I feel like I'm heard. 
I pretty much live in a geographically isolated area and I, unfortunately, haven't really done anything extraordinary or extravagant...so I guess one could say that this blog is essentially useless...but if you're interested in getting to know my views on societal issues, reading my rants about meaningless shit, watch my videos, and read my articles...then stay here, my guests. 

Thanks for reading this yo. I look forward to this new adventure. Bye for now. 

-Twisted Euphoria